zenspa Pedicure

What is a “zenspa” Pedicure?

The JESSICA zenspa Pedicure is a pure, peaceful and serene luxury professional experience; it soothes the mind and body as it cleans, hydrates and smoothes, infusing skin and nails with moisture to bring them back to life.  No Parabens, No Petro Chemicals, No Dyes, No Tea, MEA or DAE.










REFRESH- Foot Spray

 An exhilarating, energizing, refreshing blend of natural botanicals and menthol instantly stimulate and revive tired, aching feet. Spray a light mist before your service to create a calming environment to begin your Zenspa journey. Refresh Foot Spray is a refreshing lemongrass scent which inspires and brings fresh energy to the senses.





 AWAKEN – Revitalising Foot Soak Crystals

 A soothing crystal foot bath cleanses and helps to eliminate toxins from the body, while easing stress. Natural extracts soften and condition the skin and refreshing lemongrass scent inspires and brings fresh energy to our senses.







 RESTORE Cuticle and Callous Remover for Feet

A high pH level helps smooth and remove even the toughest callouses, unwanted dry cuticles, and helps prevent hangnails, while protective Aloe Vera calms sensitive skin.







 REVIVE – Microdermabrasion Foot Scrub

Finely ground volcanic pumice from the Mediterranean Sea exfoliates dry, dead skin cells to restore a healthy vibrant glow to the skin’s surface; while a fruit acid complex of natural alpha hydroxy acids promotes smooth, rejuvenated skin.